Essential Oils

How are Essential Oils used?


Smell is the only sense connected to the limbic lobe of the brain, the emotional control centre.  A scent can evoke an emotion before we are consciously aware of it.


Topically refers to to placing essential oils directly on the skin, hair, mouth, nails or any other part of the body.  It is an easy way to target specific areas on your body that could benefit from the natural constituents of a particular essential oil. 


The Vitality Line is labeled specially for those oils which are safe to take internally.  The French have cooked with essential oils for years.  Many use Young Living Essential Oils to enhance their lifestyles as a daily supplement. 

Reach for the oils first for home, beauty and relief of occasional discomfort.

Essential Oils Singles and Blends

Use to enhance the flavor in recipes and/or a nutritional supplement.  Get a boost from the oils!

Vitality Dietary Essential Oils

Essential Oil infused Supplements help balance any lifestyle


Wholesale Membership

A wholesale member receives 24% off all future products.  There is no monthly obligation.  To maintain active membership, one only needs to purchase 50 product volume per year. 

Essential Rewards

Essential Rewards is Young Living's "frequent shopper" program.  A promise to purchase at least 50 product volume, approximately $50 worth of product, per month gets you into the program.  You also start to earn cash back on purchases made.  The percentage increases with every consecutive active month in the program.  Read more...


People notice those who live an essential oil infused lifestyle.  They begin to ask questions and want to learn how they, too, can live a more abundant lifestyle.  Young Living provides a variety of opportunities to enhance one's lifestyle.  

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